Private Labels

Private labeled products may be packaged in any forms of containers of customer's choice. The printed label and individual package can be designed and sent to us by the customer. Besides that, we labs provides variety of packaging alternatives for all private label products our packaging supplies include jar, glassware, bottles, plastic wares, printed labels, and individual packages. Moreover, WE Labs can recommend and arrange label designers and printers, excellent container suppliers, and box manufactures for your ideal selection, at small quantity.

Package Design

Our products are available in bulk quantities as well as individual package. The products can be customized in regards of quality, bottling,
packaging and even in an affordable quantity for all entrepreneurs according to customer's demand. The owner of private label products can design their own signature formula; such as organic, natural botani- cal.
The custom formula then will be tested and developed in our micro lab in our R&D department free of charge. Moreover, the aforementioned formula will be treated as private and confidential. Our highly experience marketing team will be working closely with customer to launch the right products into the right market at the right time.

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